Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hiking Sugar Loaf Mountain in Marquette

Savannah decided that her dad and I needed to experience hiking Sugar Loaf Mountain. Well, as unmotivated as I am, tried to find excuses for actually doing anything too physical. Not wanting to be a party pooper, and a guarantee that it would not take too long to hike, set off on the trail. I, of course, head for the "Easy" trail. David has other things in mind. We are not taking the easy route. We have to take the "Expert" trail. I am cranky, as I don't know how my arthritic knees will hold out, and of course by the fact that David has to keep looking back and giving me hiking instructions. You know those type thing's that I would never know on my own, such as, move aside and let faster, more experienced groups go ahead. Being the seasoned veteran at hiking that he is, and all! Half way up, he finally decides to ask if I need to rest. I guarantee you he needed one himself. Being the stubborn Finn that I am, say "No" and keep on going. I keep on thinking, "This was a mistake," in my mind. When we finally reach the top (Or shall I say "Summit?") the view is breathtaking, and there is a nice breeze to cool you down. We stopped for some picture breaks on the way down. I guess it was fine to take our time on the way down, now that the serious business of the hike up was accomplished. We also went to the beach, and Savannah's favorite coffee shop in Marquette. Yes! I have a coffee drinking aficianodo/buddy, to enjoy coffee with! I love that water well in the woods. It just looks like it doesn't belong. Yet it looks good standing there, holding it's own with all those imposing trees. I love the harbor with all the sailboats,also. Where can you drive down the main street, look up, and see a sailboat floating by? I have grown to love Marquette through my girls, Cassandra and Savannah. I love everything about it, except for the snow storms that shut down the schools in the end of April! I do not think I can get into the mindset of UP winters anymore. If I could, I would live in Marquette, for sure. Looking at these pictures brings me to the fact that I miss my girls, even more. Hopefully, I can make a trip up in the fall. **A special Thanks to Cassandra for holding down the fort at home, so Dad and I could go to Marquette for this weekend getaway! **

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