Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something Funny

I love this picture of my kids. I think it is my favorite. It was a couple years ago on Mackinac Island. I feel like the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, where it is a big job getting everyone in the same spot at the same time. Of course it is always a fiasco, because someone is pouting, someone does not want to do pictures. ("My hair doesn't look good today".. etc). Especially now with the older kids off living their lives, it feels as if it is even more meaningful to get the gang together. The funny thing about group pictures of this size is, it is hard to get a candid feel. Keep in mind, that when I am taking the picture, it is just mom taking the picture. At any rate, the reason I love this is because of the "in the moment" feel. I do not remember what everyone was laughing about, but it makes me smile to see them laughing.

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